Another 9/11 Has Come

Christ All SufficientFifteen years ago September 11th became a date that will be etched in history. Planes striking the twin towers, the courage of first responders rushing towards the smoking buildings, the dramatic collapse of each tower — terror on American soil became a fearful and lasting remembrance. But is there something to be feared more than these haunting images?

The answer is yes. 2,000 years ago Jesus warned his disciples that they had more to fear than those who would persecute them and kill them. There was an even greater enemy that they would face. It was the enemy of their souls:

“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.“ Matthew 10:28

Jihadists cannot take your soul. But there is an enemy that contends for your soul, even now. Your only protection is to cling to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only he can protect you from the one who would destroy all that you are in hell.

This truth places 9/11 in perspective. We have no way of knowing if the events of that day will be repeated, but I believe that some sort of repeat is more than likely. But Jesus speaks to me as well and says there is more to fear than the jihadist. And, he wonderfully tells me, that he is my hope regardless of what a repeat of 9/11 might look like.

I do pray that our nation will take the appropriate steps to keep us safe. But if people face the rush of the terrorist without Christ, that is truly reason for fear.

Talk to you family about the true protection offered only by the gospel. Encourage others with the blessed hope of Christ. He is your hope and shield.


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