Are you more mature than your two-year-old?

Children naturally determine goodness by their circumstances, the things that they can see. Your mission as a parent is to help your child expand his natural understanding of goodness.  As your child grows your goal is to help him become more influenced by the unseen realities of life.


The Bible teaches what is unseen is more real than what is seen. This is the important transition that your children must make. The most effective way to help them do this is for your life to be dominated by what is unseen. 


Faith means that your life must not be governed by how you perceive your circumstances. This is natural for children:

Am I warm? 

Am I hungry? 

Do others do what I want?  


As adults we often fail to move beyond the things we can see. In other words, many of us are no more mature than our two-year olds! 


Ask God for the courage to lead your children into the stable world of faith and the unseen reality. We must trust God’s word that returning good for evil is the better course. We must believe that a soft answer turns away wrath. Man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God calls us to. Death is not something to be feared. True wealth cannot be measured by possessions, bank accounts and market portfolios. The nearness of God is our ultimate good. 


Put your trust in God and what you cannot see. This is the example that will help you and your children be free from the tyranny of circumstances. A life that is dominated by faith in Christ what is unseen is the path to stability and joy. Don’t live life like a two-year-old.

Shepherd Press