Believable Lies

Instructing a Child's HeartYour enemy knows better than to present his real plan for what it really is. Subtle, clever deception is designed to keep you and your children from seeing the true ugliness of sin. Prepare your children for these attractive schemes. Biblical faith and love for God are the only real defenses for these deceptive tactics.

For example: entertainment often uses humor to portray lust, adultery, jealousy, gossip, hatred, greed, etc. I’m not just talking about X-rated movies. “Light-hearted, fun” PG movies fit the profile as well. It so easy to be amused by behavior that God hates. We fall for the lie: “It’s no big deal, it’s just fun”? But what is presented as fun results in horrific outcomes in relationships. It is important for children to see that on the other side of the humor is brokenness and pain.

Another believable lie is that sensual pleasure satisfies. Almost everyone warns their children against the deadly pleasures of drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex. But how about the more “wholesome pleasures”, of food, recreation, music, travel, cars, computers—these can all provide legitimate enjoyment. However, the lie is that these things can provide pleasure that makes life worth living. Just watch commercials for an evening. Often the determining factor is to choose which product or experience gives the greatest pleasure. When your children demand the newest action figure, video game, or sneakers; when you find yourself craving a faster car, a more luxurious vacation, a more powerful phone, a better wardrobe—stop and check yourself. None of those things is necessarily wrong, but will any of them bring the satisfaction they promise? And if finding pleasure becomes children’s most important objective, their relationship with God and others will suffer.

Everyday TalkTell your children that satisfaction and contentment are impossible apart from a right relationship with God. Satan wants people to think he can offer more pleasure than God can. That’s a lie. The world’s “pleasures” don’t deliver what they promise, and any enjoyment they do bring doesn’t last. You, however, can find contentment and satisfaction in any situation. Only a Christian can fully enjoy all life’s good pleasures because he doesn’t depend on them for happiness. He can take or leave them because he finds his joy in knowing God.

Teach your children that they are subjects in the kingdom of God. It will not go well for them if they follow the lies of the enemy. God’s word is the only place to learn about genuine truth, strength, beauty and yes pleasure!. Talk to your children about Satan’s deception. Teach them not to be deceived by the world’s fleeting treasures. Teach them not to trade the truth of God for believable lies.


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