Better than gold, more attractive than jewels.

 Gold and precious stones are easy to acquire. All you need is money.  Thus, when the rich, the Hollywood stars, the sports elite gather gold and glittering jewelry are everywhere to be seen. In the midst of the dazzling display of wealth you can hear the words of self-praise and the worship of created things. But what is rarely heard is knowledge that makes sense of life.


The wonders of man are easily obtained. Look at our culture, look at what is offered on commercials. All that is needed is a credit card to get what is wanted. But wisdom and knowledge that brings life and true wealth are indeed rare.


As Jesus teaches us in the gospels, when you find what is genuinely valuable, that which connects to eternity, invest all you have to secure it. Great wealth and credit cards are useless in obtaining purses that won’t wear our or finding words of life that heal. 


Seek out those who will provide the knowledge about life that is truly life. Value things will not wind up in the recycle bin or the landfill. As Solomon says, nothing you desire can compare with the wisdom of God!



Gold there is, and rubies in abundance,
    but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel.

Proverbs 20 :15

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