Blind luck or gracious providence?

Three former NASA astronauts will present evidence on Earth Day, April 22, that it is only blind luck that has prevented a city from being wiped out by an asteroid impact.  The astronauts report that since 2001 26 asteroids have impacted the earth with the force of a nuclear weapon. So far these impacts have occurred over remote areas of the planet. Thus the astronauts claim that it is only blind luck that a catastrophic event has not impacted a city.


No doubt your children will hear about these dire warnings in a school setting or from some other source.  Your kids need to know that it is not blind luck that cities have been spared from an asteroid impact.  


Jesus Christ is Lord of all creation. He rules the winds and the waves. He controls the flight of asteroids as well. Paul told the intellectual elite of Athens that is in God alone that we live, move and exist. God challenged Job to consider just how vast is his control over all of creation:


Do you know the laws of the universe?
    Can you use them to regulate the earth? Job 38:33


Blind luck or God’s gracious providence?  


Because of advances in technology we can now observe the tracks of asteroids. In the past we have been oblivious to just how vulnerable we are to these objects from space. 


Consider this. If a major city were to be wiped out by an asteroid impact, would appealing to a moment of silence for help be a satisfying response? As a nation and a world we ignore God at our own peril.  It would be wise to learn from the King of Nineveh and repent of our sin of living life as we please. The supposed separation of church and state, the belief that the laws of God are irrelevant , will be of no solace if a major city is destroyed. Even though our leaders choose to ignore God, they are accountable to him.


Tell your children that blind luck does not govern our lives. It is in God alone that we live and move and exist. He alone is our help and strength. 


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