Breaking News: God Is In Charge!

Prophet on the RunJust because politicians, the press, educators, and world leaders believe that God is subject to their laws, opinions and op ed articles does not change reality. The reality is that the Living God of the Bible, the Lord of the heavens and earth is in charge of the affairs of men. The idea of Jesus Christ being the only Savior of people is repugnant to many. The truth that God rules over man and has commanded how he should live and marry is even more outrageous in our progressive world. The wonder of the Holy Spirit putting the thoughts of God in written form in a book called the Bible is offensive to folks who say truth is where you find it. But all of this bluster, outrage, mockery, and anger does not alter the unchangeable fact that God rules the world for his purposes!

When Paul was confronted by leading Greek intellectuals he described God to them is simple, sweeping terms that challenged all that they believed. The real God is not confined in temples, he has no need of human approval. The reverse is true — all people are in need of his care. Each person is dependent God for his next breath. He even determines how long each person will live and the places where they will live (Acts 17:24-28).

This is the God that Paul presented to the world’s top intellectuals of 2,000 years ago. Nothing has changed. He did all these things so that people would see his power and perhaps even reach out to him.

This is the true of message of the Advent. Jesus came to make peace with a rebellious, unruly people. Tell this to your children. Tell it to those you know. Spread the good, breaking news of the wonder that Jesus rules the world!

Shepherd Press