California: new law says kids can have 3 or more legal parents.

Once again God’s direction for the family has been tossed aside by “enlightened” state legislators. 


The Los Angeles Times internet edition on October 4th, ran a story about a bill signed by Governor Brown to allow for children to have more than two or more legal parents. 


Here is the headline and sub-headline as it appeared online:


“Brown signs bill to allow children more than two legal parents


The bill — similar to one the governor vetoed last year — had been opposed as an attack on traditional family; proponents argued that the changing family structure needs to be addressed.”


The Times article goes on to say:


“The law will allow the courts to recognize three or more legal parents so that custody and financial responsibility can be shared by all those involved in raising a child…”


The State of California has passed into law a bill that says children can have multiple legal parents, specifically three or more as fits any given situation. The truth that the family is an institution created by God obviously means little to the elected leaders of California. 


What does the mean for your family? For one thing it means that the biblical teaching regarding the family is passé. Underlying this law is the assumption that man is subject to changing evolutionary patterns and that God’s created order is nothing more than a quaint fairy tale. Teach your family everyday that the family structure does not change just because a state says it does. Man is not the product of evolutionary process. 


The Bible’s story of creation teaches that one man and one woman form a marriage. We are taught that children come from the union of a mother and a father. What has been accepted throughout the course of human history is now declared to be rigid and in need of change. Such a notion would have been laughable ten years ago. Now it is a state law.


Once again, man has a better idea than God. If there is one thing that human history has taught us it is that when man thinks he knows better than God, things don’t end well.


Pray with and for your children. Teach them that the Bible is true. Tell them about the power of the gospel. Teach them that way we began matters. 






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