Color, light and seasons: the faithfulness of God

Today is the first full day of fall and spring. If you live in Australia, today means that warmer weather is on the way. If you live in North America, it is time to get ready for winter. The Lord announces the change of seasons with spectacular outbursts of color. Spring arrives with fresh greens and stunning pastels. Fall is announced by splashes of bold yellows, reds and golds.

The Lord delights in color. He specifically designed your brain to recognize the visual beauty that accompanies the sun’s passage across the equator twice each year. Your eyes are portals which allow light to be transmitted to your brain so that you can be in awe of intricate colors that God has made. Anywhere from 30-50% of your brain’s activity has to do with vision. Vision is all about discerning the subtleties of color.  Color results from the reflection of light from every object that your encounter. Light and color are big deals to God.

This means you have an endless amount of opportunities to tell you kids about the wonders of your God. The seasonal changes in color are not random. They call attention to what God is doing in bringing each season in its time. These breathtaking displays of color remind us of God’s faithfulness. He always keeps his promises! Today is not just another day on the calendar. Today speaks of the covenant faithfulness of God!

Another way the Lord uses color to proclaim his faithfulness is through the rainbow. A special combination of light and water in the atmosphere produce the unique beauty of the rainbow. Everyone can appreciate the stunning beauty of God’s bow. However, only those who know God fully understand the rainbow is a promise that God will remember his covenant promise to Noah.

Colors and seasons are things we tend to take for granted. But if we do, we miss the wonder of God. As the seasons change allow yourself to be blown away by the colors. Let your children hear the praise of God flowing from your mouth. Tell your children that God specifically designed us to be dazzled by colors that announce his faithfulness. Your God is the God of color and seasons.


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