Confronted with Grace

Red Like Blood is a book about the raw power of grace that changes lives in ways beyond what we have come to expect. Red Like Blood is a testimony to the power of God’s grace.  This grace radically changed Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington, the authors of Red Like Blood. This is a book for those who may have come to think there is no way God would have anything to do with them. Maybe you know someone like this – a son, a daughter, a parent.  The great news is that grace is for them.

Bob Bevington has graciously consented to answer a few questions about the book.  I thought these would be interesting to you.  This is the final installment of this interview.  Thanks, Bob for opening yourself up in the interview and in the book!

JY: Was it uncomfortable to be as transparent and open as you are in the pages of this book?

BB: Not really, because we do it in our day-to-day lives, too. But I have a good friend who read the manuscript and begged me not to go through with it – she said I was throwing myself under the bus, especially in Chapter 10. There were a couple of moments when I blinked, but during the final edit I got an overwhelming sense that it was okay because it might help somebody.

JY: How did God use Red Like Blood change you?

BB: Writing Red Like Blood caused us to re-live some of the most painful events of our past. Like the sin I describe as a hundred megaton cluster bomb. Like when Joe’s little brother was killed. Like when my daughter, Grace, almost died as a two month old baby. We also re-lived the times that made us laugh and smile.

Most of all, in every chapter we re-lived the times when we were confronted by grace – the times when grace flowed into the cracks formed by our brokenness.

You can learn more about Red Like Blood and purchase the book here.

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