Counterfeit Lives

Something is counterfeit if it appears to be genuine but is not. The problem with counterfeit money is that you can use and spend it and often the recipient will not recognize it for what it is. Then one day you attempt to use what is counterfeit with someone who knows what is genuine. Not only do you not get what you wanted but the fake money you have is forfeit as well.


Life is like that. You can spend your life on things that don’t have real value. You can invest in what you think will make you happy. Then you meet the One who is genuine. You realize at that moment your life has been invested in counterfeit living, so much so, that you have become counterfeit yourself.  But the One who is genuine has no use for that which is counterfeit, except to throw it on the manure pile.


Invest in Jesus Christ and his riches. Take hold of life that is truly life!

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