Courage for our military families

Just after putting up the last post on courage, I realized that there is a specific application that fits perfectly with this definition and prayer that I failed to mention.

To state the obvious, a number of our readers are military families and families of first responders. For those deployed or on duty at home you come face to face with situations that require courage many times each day or even each hour. Your families also need courage for each moment that you are away.

I urge all of our readers to pray each day for those families that have loved ones in harm’s way protecting all of us. I specifically pray for comfort for these families. There is the question each moment of safety. Are those that we love safe? I know, I have a child who is a police officer. Here is the answer that brings comfort to me and my wife – your loved ones are just as safe as God wants them to be. That means the location of where your loved ones are is not what determines their safety. It is the will of God that does that. So in that sense they are just as safe when they are with you as when they are deployed. I have also found great comfort in Psalm 139:16 – God has ordained the number of all of our days.

It takes courage to believe this. May God grant courage to each of you with loved ones in the line of duty. May you know peace, comfort, and courage. The reality is that none of us have any guarantee that we will be here tomorrow. We are all equally dependent upon the providential care of God who sent his Son to die so that we can have courage.

Grace, peace, and courage to you this night!


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