Did Mothers Evolve?

Is Mother’s Day a tribute to random evolutionary process? Think about it. Why are there mothers and why are they special? In a universe without purpose or plan motherhood is just part of an ongoing impersonal process.  If you love your mother you can thank natural selection. 

Sometimes, the most compelling reasons to believe in God’s creation of the Universe and human life are the ones that can’t be measured by scientific theory. Mothers are the creation of God. This truth simply is, just as God simply is. The proof for God’s existence is found in his name, I Am Who I Am. When God sent Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt, he told Moses to tell the people that I AM has  sent me to rescue you. The proof of God lies in the reality that he exists. There is no human test that can prove God. He is who he is!

Mothers were created by God. They did not evolve. Mother’s do not become better over the course of history. They are what they are. Motherhood stands as a testimony to God’s creation of the human race. There is no scientific explanation for the sacrifice, nobility and love that defines mothers. They simply are whom they are created to be. Yes, mothers struggle with sin and often fall short of what God called them to, just as we all do. But the truth remains, God created man, he created man in his own image, male and female he created them (Gen. 1:27).  

Mothers are not the result of a random process that began from single cell biological coin-flips in untold ages past. Mothers are created by God to show his glory.  Mothers are because God is. Praise God!

Shepherd Press