Embarrassed by God?

Take a deep breath, its November. It is time, once again, for America to attempt to celebrate a season meant to show gratitude to God and joy remembering the birth of Jesus Christ by ignoring them. We have “matured” to the point where we now thank ourselves and our retirement plans.  Our reason for joy is based upon how much we can give to each other. God? Jesus Christ? The Holy Spirit? They are unconstitutional. The idea of one God to whom all are accountable  – embarrassing! 

This is reality in America and in many other countries.  How do you lead your children to honor God during the coming weeks? 

First – Remind your children that just because others are embarrassed by God doesn’t mean that they have to be. The ill-informed beliefs of others do not alter reality. God is still God.

Second – Help them to have compassion for those who mock God and attempt to ignore him.  People who are lost will act like people who are lost. Pray that the gospel will go forward with grace and power. Pray for repentance for our nation.

Third – Teach them we must use the weapons of the Spirit to confront the ideas of the flesh. We must return good for evil. This holiday season is a time to show the love of Christ to those in darkness. Jesus Christ is the light of the world. New laws and crusades by TV talk-shows will not turn people’s hearts to Christ. That is done by the people of God being committed to bring the gospel to those in need of the truth. The gates of Hell will not prevail against the church.

Perhaps most importantly, in humility, be thankful from your heart for the blessings of God and the wonder of salvation by grace earned by your savior, your king, Jesus Christ.  Pray for a heart for the gospel.

There is no need to be embarrassed by Christianity. We can rejoice and live in awe of the Lord of Heaven and Earth. This pleases and honors God. Nothing else matters.

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