Fifty Shades of Sin & the Heart of America

In 2012, the E L James novel, Fifty Shades of Grey became a best seller. This book was the first of a trilogy by this same author. Many claimed that these books formed a new genre of literature, mommy-porn.  The books are about the dark world of pain and sexual perversion.  At Amazon, Fifty Shades of Grey was the most popular book of 2012.  


Not surprisingly, the book is being made into a movie to be released on Valentines’ Day, 2015.  The trailer for the movie was released this past week. Americans immediately responded by making this book, once again, the number one best selling book on Amazon.


The news headlines are dominated by events in Ukraine, border and immigration issues, Israel and Gaza. But America’s lust for sexual perversion is the story that is being missed by the national media and political leaders. Simply put, America is saturated with contempt for God’s provision of marriage as the only appropriate venue for sexual activity. Purity and sexuality have become polar opposites. 


Don’t think that God is oblivious to this.


Pray for your country. 


Pray for Christians to have the courage to bring the gospel to the dark heart of America.  




Shepherd Press