Flat Tires

On first impression flat tires appear to offer little evidence of God’s love and care. But that is just unbelief spinning events in way that seeks to discredit God’s providential care. Yes, a flat tire is an inconvenient addition to an already busy day. But that is just from your perspective. Suppose you knew that having a flat tire would mean that you avoided an accident that would have resulted in harm to you or your family. From this vantage point the flat tire that was a curse now becomes a blessing! The point is that we don’t know what would have happened if…  And it is very good thing that we don’t know what would have happened if the tire had not been flat.


We are left to believe and trust that God works all things together for our good and his glory. This is why the Bible teaches that we don’t need sight to confirm God’s goodness – we need faith. 


Of course disastrous things sometimes do happen when we have a flat tire.There is no denying that. Sometimes we are unexpectedly diagnosed with brain cancer. The same biblical truth still holds. We must walk by faith and not sight.  Our experiences don’t tell us whether God is being faithful – the Bible does that.  So, faith comes by hearing and reading God’s word and not primarily from our experience. As Psalm 46 says, God is our refuge, even if the mountains fall into the sea!


When that next flat tire comes you can know that God is faithful and is working for his glory in your life. Something to think about.



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