Forecast: 100% Chance of Storms

No, this post is not a weather forecast! Rather it is about whether or not you can avoid the storms of life. Is it possible for the storms not to come? Can wisdom and faith in God help steer a course away from these storms?

Jesus answers this at the end of the Sermon on the Mount. His answer is clear. Strong, violent storms are certain to come. This stern warning coming at the end of the beautiful and moving sermon is surprising. The ending you might expect would be one of warmth and encouragement. Instead Jesus finishes with urgent concerns about false teachers and the ravaging storms of life.

Therefore, Christ’s focus is not on avoiding the storms, but how can you remain secure when the storms strike. The storms are sure to come. You recall that Jesus speaks about two houses both caught in the same storm. Jesus is talking about more than physical dwellings. He is talking about your life. The same storm with the rains, the rising streams, and the winds will attack each house. The security of each house rests not upon the elaborateness and beauty of its construction, but upon the solidness of its foundation. The wise builder’s house is built on the foundation of wisdom. The foolish builder’s house is built without concern for God’s truth.

In the Proverbs the wise are those who fear God. The foolish are those who live as if there is no God. The wise builder’s house does not fall in the storm. The house of the foolish builder falls with a great crash.

It is foolish to think you can avoid the storms of life.  They come with equal ferocity to all. The lesson to be learned from Christ’s teaching is that you cannot determine God’s faithfulness by the circumstances of your life. You determine God’s faithfulness by the content of his character that is displayed in his word. God says he will never leave us or forsake us. Easy to say on a sunny day. But this is just as true when the storms rage.

Lost in the Middle
Lost in the Middle

Perhaps you are living in the middle of a furious storm right now. Relationships may bring pain rather than peace. Maybe you are recovering from a devastating storm that has past or maybe you are living in fear of the storm that is coming.

Whatever the case, God’s covenant love is steadfast. Your foundation is sure even though the storm rages around you. God is your rock, your strength and your peace forever.

Listen carefully to Jesus. Don’t be shocked or surprised by life’s storms. His warning is kind and gracious. The storms are coming. Prepare for the storms by having the word of Christ dwell richly within you. The forecast is certain. But so is the word of God. Build your life on the strong sure foundation of his truth. In God alone is found safety!

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