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This week’s blog special!

We hear a lot about freedom these days. But there is a difference between what the world means by freedom and what the Bibles teaches about freedom. Dr. Rich Ganz has written a timely and biblically insightful book on this subject. Shepherd Press is thankful to be able to offer you the book Free Indeed, a needed resource for God’s people. David Powlison, respected thinker and biblical counselor, says:

Free Indeed aims to make us simply and boldly human. We don’t just need our heads filled with ideas and truths to profess. We don’t just need our wills exhorted with principles and strategies to do. We don’t just need our emotions fanned with stories and experiences to feel. We need the ‘give and give’ of a straight-in relationship with Jesus Christ. He gives himself to us in mercy, power, authority and promise. We give ourselves to him in need, gratitude and joyous adoration. We give ourselves to others to live in the freedom of unsentimental love, clear conviction and courageous harmony.

Free Indeed is worth your time. It’s content is essential for understanding what it means to serve biblically . The ideas of freedom and slavery seem contradictory. We know we are supposed to serve our families, our churches and our communities. But without the biblical balance that Rich Ganz provides in this book, these good activities of service can become enslaving demands, leading to frustration and emptiness. That is not service to Christ. Indeed, the only hope for gaining true freedom is to become a willing slave to Jesus Christ. Free Indeed shows the way to finding freedom in service. Here you will find the path of freedom, the path that leads you safely through a world enslaved to its own desires. It is ideal reading for folks actively serving in any ministry capacity. Parents will also benefit from the truths for life found in this book.

Free Indeed is not a new book. It is, however, a book that can radically renew the way you view your service to Christ and his church. For this reason we are offering this book at a special offer of $3.00, available to readers of this blog. This offer will be good through next Friday, January 15th.

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