Freedom From Fear

The eighth chapter of Romans provides a sure hope for conquering fear. The strong, yet tender, words of the Holy Spirit provide hope and encouragement when fears arise in your life or the life of your children. There is no fear that you have that cannot be conquered by God’s power at work in you!  As Hebrews 11:1 says, “faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

The greatest fear anyone can have is the condemnation of God. But in Christ, there is no condemnation. Confront your fear with this truth. You do not have to be controlled by fear. Apply the hope and encouragement of this wonderful chapter to help you and your children to be controlled by the Spirit of God and his word so that fear can be defeated.

As you live according to the way of the Spirit, you will give your children an example that will free them from a life dominated by fear. Do not hide these powerful truths in Romans 8 from your children. Rejoice in them, for you are indeed more than conquerors through the love of your Savior.

  • You have no need to fear condemnation (verse 1).
  • You are not controlled by the flesh but by the Holy Spirit (verse 9).
  • You are not slaves to fear, but to the Holy Spirit (verse 15).
  • If you rely only on what is seen you will be controlled by fear (verse 24).
  • If you rely on what is unseen, you have hope (verse 24).
  • Even in your weak moments of worry and fear, the Spirit intercedes for you (verse 26).
  • Your deepest fears have been searched out by God and are known to him (verse 27).
  • The Holy Spirit is intimately aware of your fears and he intercedes for you at his own initiative (verse 27).
  • God is in control of all the things that happen to you. You don’t have live to fear (verse 28).
  • Your lives are secure in God’s sovereign care and plan (verses 29-30).
  • No matter what you fear, God is for you. Nothing can stand against his purposes (verse 31).
  • Just as God did not spare his own Son, he will give you the ability to control your fear (verse 32).
  • No fear can separate you from the love of Christ verses (35 & 39).
  • Through the powerful love of God you can conquer any fear (verse 37).
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