God Created Man: He Created Them Male and Female

Herein is Love: GenesisGod created man: he created them male and female. This truth is the foundation for understanding what it means to be human. This is seen in at least three ways:

First: Man is a created being. Humans did not emerge or evolve. Humans were created. At one moment we were not and then we were.

Second: God created man for his own purpose, plan and pleasure.

Third: Man was created, in the image of God, male and female, as a morally responsible creature under God.

Any attempt to understand who man is without acknowledging these three foundational truths will lead to chaos and horrific human suffering. The secular vanguards of our culture have rejected all three of these foundational realities.

In the thinking of modern western culture man was not created. Man evolved with the internal awareness to act as his own god.

Man is self-aware. Therefore man is able to define gender, purpose and morality as matters of one’s own choosing.

Man is answerable only to himself and not to any supernatural being.

In the 21st century United States, our government, our educational institutions, our view of social structures are all bound to these post-modern, existential realities. These views are being drilled into our young children. I cannot begin to fathom the living hell these beliefs will inflict on our country, culture and church.

Only a return to the belief that God is the creator of heaven, earth and man will turn back the relentless tsunami waves that are already crashing into our shores. This return will only happen if the church has the courage to champion the gospel of Jesus Christ as its lifeblood.

The time is short. What will you choose? What will you tell your children?

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