Good Mood, Bad Mood – Available Soon!

The Holiday Season is a season of moods. Thoughts of depression, discontent, and sadness mix together with the parties, presents, and promises of a better new year.  Moods, good or bad, are challenging to understand. Help is on the way!

Dr. Charles Hodges has written a compassionate and information packed resource that sheds biblical light on our moods. Shepherd Press is pleased to announce the publication of Good Mood, Bad Mood. Next week we will provide you with details on how you can take advantage of a special pre-publication offer as well as receive a free ebook copy of the book. Until then here are some endorsements for Good Mood, Bad Mood, that should peak your interest:

Dr. Hodges has given the church an important resource in Good Mood, Bad Mood. With the scientific acumen of a physician and the loving concern of a brother in Christ, Dr. Hodges cuts through the morass of solutions for sadness, depression, mania or bipolar disorders. Written for the layperson but detailed enough for the physician or counselor, this book is for anyone who struggles with troubled moods and for those who help them.”

–Elyse Fitzpatrick

“Millions of Christians suffer from depression and bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, many of them suffer in silence because of the stigma mental illness often carries in Christian circles. I’m tremendously grateful for Good Mood, Bad Mood, a book that compassionately offers medical and theological insights for those affected by mental disorders. Dr. Hodges is equally at home parsing the relevant biblical texts as he is dispensing medical advice. Throughout the book he intersperses stories of real people struggling to find freedom; this is a must-read book.”

–Drew Dyck, Managing Editor, Leadership Journal

Good Mood, Bad Mood cuts through the fog and confusion of moods, medications and the Bible without being overly technical and critical! Pastors and laymen alike will find help for those who wander in the hype and confusion surrounding moods and medication. As a physician and counselor for many years, Charlie is well suited to write this book.  His use of Scripture secures the truth in God’s unchanging Word, while his compassion and warmth is obvious.  This helpful resource makes sense out of all that’s being said and done today in the area of moods and medication. Buy two copies of this book; one for you and one for someone else.

– Brad Bigney, senior pastor and biblical counselor, Grace Fellowship Church, Florence, KY

“I highly recommend this resource to anyone wanting to understand or help those struggling with depression or mood swings. While not neglecting the medical research and possible medical explanations for some mood issues, he helps the reader to see what is often at the core of many mood disorders.”

–Dr. Garrett Higbee, Executive Director of Biblical Soul Care, Harvest Bible Chapel

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