Headline – 3/27/2013 – Gay Marriage Debate: You Be The Judge

USA Today has accurately & succinctly summed the problem surrounding the same-sex marriage issue. Our culture has come to believe that man is the one who decides what marriage is to look like. The actual belief is that we can serve as our own judge. This is true for marriage, for sexual conduct, for any lifestyle adjustment we choose to make. We are the judge. We are entitled to do what is right in our own eyes.


If history were taught with any degree of accuracy this cultural embrace of the will of man would invoke fear and dread.  Nations who openly flaunt God do not end well. This is true whether the result is immediate or eventual. 


Continue to pray for the church to be salt and light. Warn your children about the danger of self-centeredness, in whatever form it takes. Don’t allow the rush of everyday life to turn your eyes from this reality. God is God and there is none other. He is not mocked. 




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