Honoring God in the Internet World – an Interview with Matt Heerema

For many using the internet means social media, email, keeping track of current events, or online shopping. But there is also the side of the internet that has to do with commerce and, for an increasing number of Christians, full time ministry. God’s people need to be able think biblically about to best use the vast resources of the internet in a way this is honoring to God. Matt Heerema can help to do just this!

Matt Heerema lives and works in this new world of the web. He describes himself this way:

Web Consultant, Theology Geek, Musician, Husband, and Father of 3; but not in that order.

Matt is intentional about his faith and his work. I had the privilege to interview Matt about what he does and his views about how God can best be served in the world of the internet. The interview is wide-ranging and even provides insight into how strategies that are consistent with spreading the Gospel can be used to bring honor to God in this medium.

Whether you are considering a career in internet related fields, looking for ways to make your ministry more effective, or simply interested to see how applying biblical truth in this sphere of business activity can encourage your faith, this interview has something for you.




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