In Everything, Give Thanks

The Thanksgiving season is upon us. Next week will bring the busiest travel days of the year, families will be together, fantastic turkey dinners will be consumed, all done in the name of giving thanks.

But then, almost immediately after Thanksgiving dinner ends, the crush and rush of Black Friday begins! The frantic race to Christmas is on.

However, before the Christmas season begins, let’s take a few moments to consider why giving thanks is such an important part of life. In truth, every day needs to be Thanksgiving Day. Paul says as much when he says:

Give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

“In everything” is huge. Paul is not speaking metaphorically, he means everything. Giving thanks is God’s will for you! Paul assumes that the Lord Christ is lovingly on his throne working all thing for your good. Gratitude brings clarity.  Here are some the many blessings that gratitude provides: 

• Gratitude enables praise.

• Gratitude destroys self-pity.

• Gratitude is not compatible with envy.

• Gratitude softens grief.

• Gratitude is the fuel of joy.

• Gratitude is the soil that grows humility,

• Gratitude protects against sexual sin.

• Gratitude deepens your awareness of God.

• Gratitude is the soul of worship.

• Gratitude opens your eyes to grace.

• Gratitude repels pride.

• Gratitude is God’s will for you in Christ.

• Gratitude turns back your judgmental spirit.

• Gratitude calls you to serve instead of being served.

• Gratitude is the enemy of greed.

• Gratitude challenges you to love others instead of yourself.

• Gratitude will lead you to love Jesus more deeply.

As you prepare for Thanksgiving ask God to give you a heart overflowing with gratitude that will richly bless all those that you love.

Shepherd Press