Introducing your children’s world

Children growing into adulthood encounter a seductive yet hostile world. They will enter a world which has written off the bible.  And any God who would be connected with the Bible is immediately viewed as a hateful bigot. The Bible itself has been ruled irrelevant, largely because of its teaching on sexual activity and marriage.

Modern culture has unceremoniously moved on from the Bible and its views of morality. Three “modern” replacements have been found to succeed the supposed outdated structure of biblical Christianity. Here are the replacements:

Public opinion has assumed the role of Scripture and the Holy Spirit.

The media has replaced the preacher / pastor as the one who interprets and then instructs us about how to live our lives.

And finally our personal desires have replaced God as the ruler of our hearts.


This is how our modern world determines what is moral and who is worthy of punishment. Of course these views change with each new 24 hour news cycle. But anything is believed to be better than an absolute standard and a holy God.

Modern culture is focused pleasing the god of personal desire. We have become a culture and a nation which is driven by lust.

This is the world your children will live in, until the gospel is once again spread by the church. Follow John’s instruction and tell your children not to love the world. Of course, your warning will have little impact as long as you still love the world. Have the courage to reject the religion of post-modern culture. Embrace the timeless faith of God as revealed in his holy word.




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