Iran, a plan for peace and the need for a biblical worldview

“Peace for our time” was the declaration of the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, in 1938. He believed that by giving the forces of Germany what they wanted peace could be assured for Europe. The devastation of World War II proved that assumption to be wrong. By choosing to ignore a basic biblical truth Chamberlain set the stage for war. Christ’s teaching regarding human nature was ignored. In Matthew 7:16 Jesus said:

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

A country that has a track record of war and terrorism should not be expected to change its ways by agreeing to what that country wishes. This was the case in 1938 and it is the case today. It is not necessary to be a theocracy to see the wisdom of Scripture. The truth of God is not limited by political boundaries. 

A child who takes toys from his siblings will not change his behavior just by giving him more toys. Rather, he won’t stop taking toys until his heart changes. The same is true for countries as a quick overview of history demonstrates. 

When people or governments make plans in opposition to God’s truth bad things happen sooner or later. This is a valuable lesson to teach your children. This is not a lesson that is political in nature. It is just realizing that God is the Ruler of this world. He is the only reliable source to provide insight into human nature.

Inclusiveness is not the path to peace. Realizing that God’s word is exclusively true does not necessarily bring peace, but it is a word that you can trust. Your children need to know what is true in this world. They need to be able to look beyond immediate solutions to ease fears and concerns. Christ’s teaching in Matthew is a trustworthy guide for every area of life. Teach your children how to recognize the fruit of the people they meet and the situations they face. Words, no matter how convincing, do not change the quality of the fruit. Marriage is not made better by living to together beforehand to see if it works. Increasing debt does not provide financial stability. Trusting people simply because they say flattering things to you is the path to ruin.

Teach these things to your children. Pray that our leaders will learn them. Only a change of heart will yield a different outcome from the fruit of the past. Only a worldview based on biblical truth can trusted. Don’t hide this truth from your children.

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