Is Heaven Relevant?

Longing for HomeIs heaven something that dominates your life? God means for heaven to be the anchor that helps you make sense of a world dominated by sin and injustice. The Holy Spirit has guaranteed you an inheritance, which includes the reality of heaven. What a huge blessing this is! The most wonderful and spectacular destination any human can have has been secured for you by God’s Holy Spirit.

God wants you to see heaven as relevant to your everyday life. Life without heaven is a life that makes no sense. 

If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied. (I Corinthians 15:19)

In other words, life without a vision for heaven is no life at all. One reason we lose credibility with our children is that heaven is not important in the way we live. We like the idea of heaven, we just don’t want to miss out on anything here on planet earth. Are we more excited about a sports team or politics than we are about being with God in heaven?

Paul’s words are strong. If a person only sees the value of Christ in terms of life on earth, that person is a person to be pitied. A Christianity that is not built around the wonder of heaven is a Christianity that has no power. 

Do you live for heaven, God’s heaven? Or is the world too attractive? As long as God leaves you here on the planet, you should enjoy the beauty of creation and relationships as his precious gifts. These things, however, should not turn us from the wonder that is pledged by God’s Spirit.

You children need to see that you think heaven is real and wonderful. They need to see that sacrifice for the glory of God is a good thing. They need to see that there is more to life than what is on this planet. 

Young children need to know that heaven is real. It is the place that makes life work. It is impossible to shield children from the tragic impacts of sin and death. Only heaven makes sense of the failings of earth. But believing in heaven keeps life from being limited to the hope of earth. The kingdom of heaven can provide what no kingdom of earth can offer: life!

As wonderful as life can be here on earth it is not capable of sustaining you by itself. If you remove heaven from the practical reality of your life you give up what makes life worth living. Paul’s words are strong! If you lose sight of heaven in your life, you are a person to be pitied!

Is heaven relevant? The answer is yes! Enjoy the time that God gives you here. But live for the ultimate reality of heaven. It matters to your children. It matters for your credibility as a child of God.

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