Is wisdom the desire of your heart?

In Proverbs wisdom is highly commended.  But familiarity too often breeds neglect—if not contempt. Take a moment to consider with me what the pursuit of wisdom looks like in your life. To set the stage, here are some basics about wisdom:


No one is born wise.


Therefore, the first prerequisite for being wise is to come to saving relationship with Christ.


If one is to be wise, it must come from a diligent and relentless pursuit of wisdom.


Therefore, the pursuit of wisdom is not natural or easy.


Wisdom cannot be learned apart from the fear of God.


Biblical wisdom is unlike anything that can be achieved by human effort.


Your children will be dominated by the ungodly modern world unless they desire wisdom above all else.


When wisdom is pursued as if it were buried treasure, out of a passionate love for Christ, it begins to show itself in the traits listed in the Beatitudes and in the fruit of the Spirit. This, then, is where the focus of your child-rearing should be. 


The pursuit of wisdom must be valued more than academic success at school or athletic accomplishment. There is nothing wrong with pursuing these two areas but they must be seen as secondary to the possession of biblical wisdom.


You must lead your children in the practical, daily pursuit of wisdom. The qualities listed in of the Beatitudes cannot be mimicked. They are what they are. The fruit of the Spirit cannot be produced without the genuine work of the Spirit. This is how you arrive at godly character. There is no appropriate human activity that will not be enhanced and made holy if wisdom is pursued—true wisdom, from the heart.


To guide your children in the path of wisdom, it must be your pursuit as well.  Your task as a parent is to make the pursuit of wisdom attractive to your children.  Do your children see the passion for wisdom worked out in your life? No, you cannot do this perfectly. You will often fall short. This is why forgiveness is such a wonderful gift from God. But you can eagerly ask God for the desire to pursue wisdom at all costs. Solomon points us in the right direction. May we have the courage and faith to make these words the desire of our heart:



Blessed are those who find wisdom,
    those who gain understanding,

for she is more profitable than silver
    and yields better returns than gold.


She is more precious than rubies;
    nothing you desire can compare with her.

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