Is Your Life a Broken-Down House?

All of us have this experience in varying degrees–your life feels like a broken-down house. Your life has not gone the way you planned. Your life has not gone the way you planned even in the last day. Your plans often lie in shattered, broken pieces around you. No matter what outward veneer we choose for others to see, internally, that sense of brokenness is never far away. There can be brokenness in relationships, in personal failure, in missed opportunities, in the ravages of sin in our life and the lives of those close to us. Evidence of brokenness is also in the world around us–the specter of terrorism is always with us. Our governments appear to be truly broken and without clear direction. Yes, everywhere we look there are indications of brokenness.

In his new book, Broken-Down House, scheduled for release tomorrow, June 12th, Paul David Tripp takes a candid and insightful look at brokenness. He reminds us that this world was not designed for brokenness but for wholeness. However, since the fall,  brokenness has come to dominate our world, our lives, and our houses. With refreshing clarity, Paul declares that your life and my  life are, in fact, broken-down houses. As Christians, we find joy in understanding the truth about our own brokenness–this condition has been revealed to us by God in his Word, and that Jesus Christ is in the business of repairing that which is broken.

Broken-Down House weaves together stories of brokenness with the commentary on the wonder of restoration. The world looks only at the sad state of things that are broken. Paul Tripp puts the state of disrepair into the context of God’s greater reality–the dynamic of creation, fall and redemption. Yes, things are not what they should be. But God, in the person of Christ, takes that which has been marred and brings the hope of restoration and redemption. This book strips away the thin veneer of our attempts to downplay the severity of the brokenness in our lives. Then we are shown the wonderful restoration of the master carpenter–Jesus Christ.

This book reminds us that sadness can be harmonized with celebration. The house that was once beautiful can be made beautiful and attractive again. This is the theme of hope and renewal that runs through Broken-Down House. As you read, your heart will be encouraged by Tripp’s description of the restored house that God has for you. You will see the emptiness of the world’s meager attempts to repair broken lives, and you will be thrilled and amazed at God’s ability to bring true restoration to troubled lives.

Broken-Down House is a book that speaks of restoration and brings true hope. Once you realize that you need to be restored, you can come to the One who has the tools of restoration. In Christ, God promises that what once was, can be again. In its honest look at life–your life–this book shows the true way to experiencing God’s restoration. Don’t settle for the temporary fixes of the world’s remodelers. God’s changes are done by building from the inside out. God’s changes last into eternity. Order your copy today and begin your journey of restoration and renewal in the power of Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow, June 12th, I will be discussing Broken-Down House on the radio program Calling for Truth. You can listen in online at 1 p.m. Eastern Time. Just go to this link and click on “listen.” It is a live show, so if you have a question please call in. The number is 1.888.660.9535.

Remember, Broken-Down House is available on pre-publication special through tomorrow, June 12th. The pre-publication price is $10.00. Here is the link to this offer.

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