Is your view of death the same as Captain Kirk’s?

I watched a recent documentary which featured William Shatner, who played the iconic character James Kirk. Now in his eighties, he was asked what he feared about death. This is what he said: 


“I am frightened of death… death is right there. i am fearful. I am panicked.”


“What are you frightened of?”


“I am fearful of losing all this.”


Shatner has become famous and wealthy. He said that he is passionate about his family. In his words, he has much to live for. But the important question to be asked is this. Are his fears of “losing all of this” well founded?


if indeed, he is most fearful of losing all that he has, then he has no idea what awaits him. if someone fears death because of what he will lose on earth, that is tragic. People who don’t know God should not fear what they will lose, but what they will earn in death. They will earn the just payment for their sins. They will earn the eternal agonies of hell, agonies which exceed the human capacity to understand terror. 


But my question to you, as a Christian, is this. Is your fear of death connected to what you will lose in this life? If it is then you vastly underestimate the immense treasure secured for you by the death and resurrection of your Savior. 


Unlike Shatner, your eternity will not be shaped by what you have earned. Your eternity will be a gift of mercy given to you by Christ! You have riches and treasure beyond what you can ask or imagine. Unlike Shatner, you have no reason to fear. 


Actually, you can use his fears as an opportunity to talk people about death and the gospel. You can say that you heard William Shatner, Captain Kirk, was fearful of death and why. That’s a great way to start a conversation about what is really important.


Do not be consumed by what you will lose. Be overwhelmed by what you have gained. Your Savior has taken away the sting of death and robbed the grave of its victory. Death awaits us all. Rejoice that you will be bathed in the glorious light of Christ for all of eternity where time is no more.

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