ISIS & Planned Parenthood – the evil among us

ISIS and Planned Parenthood demonstrate the darkness of the human heart. These two examples of evil have become familiar headlines. The problem with headlines is that they become political issues to be solved by elections. The truth is that laws, social norms, military force, education, elections, and 24/7 news coverage will not rid the earth of deeply entrenched evil. This kind of evil cannot be talked out of existence. There is only one way to defeat evil.

Jesus said that the gates, or strongholds of Hell, cannot stand against his church. That’s right, the church that is so easily dismissed is the only force capable of defeating evil. Only a praying church, committed to being salt and light can throw off the forces evil.

As a culture and a nation we have come to tolerate evil gradually. We bargain with evil rather than destroy it.

Sexual immorality is evil. But rather than face this evil directly we use a different strategy.  We have made sexual immorality legal and socially acceptable, even desirable.

Murder is evil. But it has become a culturally accepted method of dealing with the inconvenient consequences of embracing sexual immorality.

It is evil to worship any God but the living God of the Bible.  But in the name of tolerance other gods are preferred to the One True God.

Many act as if we can negotiate the horrific religious warriors away. The slaughter of babies for profit is defended as an act for the greater good.

Here is the truth:

Sexual immorality is not just about having sex outside of marriage. It is really about the destruction of the family and the ultimate degradation of all people.

Abortion is not only about preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is about the slaughter of unborn children for personal convenience and profit.

A moment of tolerant silence is not about personal religious liberty. It is about mocking of the one true God and living in defiance of Him as if He did not exist.

The war of the jihadist cannot be controlled by political boundaries and agreements. There is no human law, no bargain, no appeasement, no deterrent that can stop evil. Western culture has tried to bargain with evil before. It doesn’t work.

The threat represented by ISIS and Planned Parenthood is spiritual one. The only weapon which can defeat such evil is humble dependance upon the Sovereign Lordship of Jesus Christ.

By committing to prayer and to becoming salt and light, the church can stand against the evil among us. There is no other option. May God humble us and cause his truth to reign, first in our hearts and then in our land.

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