It’s Monday!

What does Monday mean to you? Do you look forward to this new week? Or, perhaps, are you wondering if this week will be as overwhelming as last week? There is also the possibility that this will be just another week—nothing special or worrisome to look forward to—just another week.

Let’s get real! (We often forget what’s real.) God has given you this new week to delight in him. Regardless of what you think this week holds, it is first and foremost God’s week. Acts 17:26-28 tells us that God has determined that where you are now, on this Monday, is exactly where he wants you to be. He has placed you where you are so that you would reach out and seek him.  For Christians, this is a comforting reality.  Regardless of how you life appear to you, God wants you to use this week to seek after him.

So, by God’s plan, on this second Monday in October 2010, the U.S. Congress has deemed that today be celebrated as Columbus Day. This day commemorates the voyage of Christopher Columbus, who landed in the West Indies and thought that he had reached Asia. Columbus never did make it to the North American continent.   The Vikings, and perhaps the ancient Etruscans, had already accomplished that feat centuries earlier.  The New World was actually named for the Spaniard, Amerigo Vespucci, who realized that Columbus had not landed in Asia, but in a new uncharted land.  But, not to be confused by the facts, we still celebrate this day as the day Columbus discovered America. Thank God for controlling all of these events!

This Monday, take time to acknowledge the loving power of God that has brought you and your family to this day. The mercies of God are new every morning.  Pray for the  wisdom to discover these new mercies in your own life. If you are overwhelmed by the challenges this week brings, God has words of encouragement for you by the mercy of His Spirit. He will listen to your prayers. His word has the life-giving wisdom that you need in order to know his comfort and strength this week. If you are encouraged by the opportunities that this week brings, then be encouraged also by God himself, and remember to honor him as you make the most of these opportunities. In all likelihood, each member of your family faces the same challenges that you do as this week begins. Encourage them with the wonderful truth that God has planned these days for them to serve him.  We are God’s workmanship, uniquely created to do good and special works that he has specifically planned for each of us to do this week.

If you would like to discuss thoughts you have for this week or questions you would like to consider, leave a comment here at the blog and we will look at it together.  It’s  Monday, let’s bring honor to the name of our God and Savior!

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