Jesus on the cross, the obedient Son

John records that at the end of his life Jesus said“it is finished.” Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. These are not the actions and words of a victim.  Jesus was in control of his own death. He ended his life when it was the right time, when he had finished what his Father asked him to do. No one took his life from him, he laid down of his own accord (John 10:17-18).

The death of Jesus was not a random moment in time. He died in obedience when he had completed all that he had been given to do. This is what obedient love and sacrifice looks like. 

Jesus is our Messiah because he consciously took the exact payment that your sins and my sins demanded. He was forsaken when it should have been me who was abandoned. He knew the ugly extent of my sins and yet extended his love to me. In obedience he died in my place so that his Father’s wrath would be satisfied and I would know life. He endured pain that would have destroyed you and me so that we could know joy. 

The next time you think it is hard to obey, the next time your children tell you it is hard to obey – think of Christ’s obedience.  He suffered beyond anything that you can imagine. Because he obeyed, you have the privilege to do the good things that God has planned for you to do.


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