Jodie Foster & The Golden Globe Awards – A Proverbs 7 Moment

A Proverbs Driven Life
A Proverbs Driven Life

Last night Jodie Foster was a awarded a life-time achievement award at the annual Golden Globe Awards. Parents, her acceptance speech is a Proverbs 7 moment that must not be missed.

Jodie Foster is an acclaimed actress. She is a skilled artist who has won numerous prestigious awards. She is also 50 and has two sons. In her acceptance speech she alluded to her homosexuality.  For many, Ms. Foster, has lived out the American Dream. She is at the top of her profession, attractive, and appears to live as she pleases. She has children but is not restricted by marriage.

But if you read her acceptance speech, a different picture emerges. (The speech can be easily located by a Google search.) Her words are rambling and haunting. They are defiant, yet sad. The openness of her speech provides a powerful opportunity to show your children the deceptive emptiness of the world’s promises.  The father in Proverbs  7 seized the opportunity of the encounter of the young fool and the adulterous wife to teach his son about the dangers of spurning God.  Jodie Foster’s speech offers the same opportunity. Jodie Foster appears to have everything, yet she really has nothing. She is sadly, defiantly lost.

Here is how she ended her speech last night:

“Jodie Foster was here, I still am, and I want to be seen, to be understood deeply and to be not so very lonely.”

All that she longs for is found only in Christ. Learn from these words. They provide an opportunity to speak of Christ. Tell your children that these words of Jodie Foster demonstrate the cruel delusion of the world’s promises.  No matter how grand and glorious the promises are, life lived without submitting to the Lordship of Christ is sadly, hopelessly empty. It is a foretaste of hell.

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