Justice – it is not about you

It is dangerous to want justice for ourselves. When it comes to justice, we have nothing to bargain with. We are guilty before the holy God of heaven and earth. Only Jesus, by his substitutionary death for his people, can provide justice for us. Justice is something we cannot demand. Indeed a quest for personal justice for ourselves will lead to our destruction. This is a vital truth your children must embrace.


In, “Get Wisdom!”, Ruth Younts defines and describes wisdom this way: 


“Justice is measuring everything by God’s law, to know and do what is right.”


The balance scale measures what is in one pan against the weight in the other pan. So, too, we should measure our thoughts, words, and actions by how close they come to God’s perfect law.


Prayer for justice:


Father, you are perfectly right in everything you do. Thank you that Jesus was perfectly right and just for me. Help me to act with justice and to walk faithfully in your ways. Help me to love your law and your righteousness. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 


These words are true for your children and they are true for you.



Taken from “Get Wisdom!” by Ruth Younts. Available from Shepherd Press.




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