Like oil & water, trust and anxiety don’t mix

God calls you to trust his wisdom and not your own.  Anxiety leads to confusion. Trust in God and his ways leads to peace. Like oil and water, trust and anxiety do not mix. There is much in life that can be overwhelming. But God remains in control of his world. As Philippians 4 warns, anxiety will separate you from knowing the peace of God.


Our bodies don’t do well with self trust. (See Proverbs 3:7&8) Trusting God and purposely loving him in all that you do brings health to your soul and stability to your walk. Trusting your own understanding leads to a troubled spirit and to a lack of stability. If your mind is centered more on what might happen rather than what will bring honor to God, this an indication of anxiety. 


Loving God in every area of your life means an intentional awareness that focuses on obedience. Recall God’s instruction in Deuteronomy 6:5-6. A deep love for God is to be followed by God’s commands being woven into the heart. 


Confusion is a sign of being dominated by worry.  Anxiety leads to doubt. Doubt leads to a lack of stability.  Worry and anxiety indicates fear of man instead of fear of God. Trusting God, fearing him and turning from evil will bring peace to your mind and health to your body.


Model this for your children. If you see anxiety and uncertainty in their lives consider whether or not your lack of trust in God may be a contributing factor. The promise of Proverbs is rich. 



Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom.
    Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil.


Then you will have healing for your body
    and strength for your bones. Proverbs 3:7-8


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