Living for what is certain

Paul taught in I Timothy 6 that wealth is uncertain. As a matter of fact, wealth is so uncertain and unstable that it cannot provide hope. Contemplate this biblical reality – wealth is incapable of providing hope because it is uncertain.

Wow! This is a thought that is contrary to our world. The airways are flooded with commercials extolling the virtues of financial security. People believe their hope for a secure tomorrow is tied to wealth, however little or great that wealth may be.

Financial markets are adult things. But worry about possessions in not the exclusive territory of adults. Children are concerned about possessions early in the game. Give one young child a matchbox car and then give his brother two of them. I can safely predict that the boy with one car will not respond with joy that his brother has more matchbox cars than he does.

You may be careful to buy your children’s toys at yard sales where the latest and greatest toy can be had for a dollar instead $29.99. But to your child, it is still another possession. Toys are cool, but they are not the source of comfort and certainty.

What is certain in life must flow from relationships, not possessions or situations. The one whose hope lies in possessions has the same quality of security as the one whose hope lies in the number of matchbox cars he owns. Wealth of any sort is uncertain. That is what you must teach your children.

Certainty flows from your relationship with someone who has the ability to keep a commitment. Only God delivers this kind of certainty. You can count on God to be faithful in his relationship with you. This is the certainty that you must show to your children. God alone possesses and gives true wealth. This world can only offer purses that will wear out. But God offers true riches.

What your children need are relationships they can count on. In this way they are just like you – because this is also what you need!

It is a good thing to plan for the future and to make investments as wisely as possible. Just remember that these investments are about as certain as next week’s weather forecast. Help your children to value instead their relationships with you, their family, and God. Use this to teach about God and true riches. Relationships that your children form now, with God and others, have the capacity to last into eternity. This is life that is truly life!

Instructing a Child's Heart

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