Love Is More Than Flowers and Chocolate

Marry Wisely, Marry WellGenuine love cannot be confined to a particular day on the calendar. Love transcends dates, gifts, and dinners. Love endures pain and heartache. Authentic love is modeled by the selfless commitment of Christ.  

Love has no equal.

Love does not demand performance to be satisfied.

Love does not demand to be noticed or praised.

Love delights when others delight in God. 

Love is satisfied most when the one loved is satisfied. 

Love anticipates God will always care.

Love offers encouragement when none is expected.

Love does not regret the success of others.

Love does not tout one’s own success.

Love takes refuge in humility.

Love seeks the honor of others.

Love is not interested in self-promotion.

Love knows joy before it knows anger.

Love does not keep score.

Love is thrilled when the truth is known.

Love guards even when it hurts.

Love accepts care.

Love is always certain of God’s promises.

Love never caves.

Love brings hope, not expectations.

Love remains!

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