Love or Anger

Love is about showing God’s grace to those whom you love, regardless of the price to you. Love is living out the beauty of Jesus Christ. Love is how other people see the uniqueness of Christianity in you.

Love is selfless, sacrificial.

Love remembers good and not the last offense.

Love’s voice speaks gentle, pleasant, solid words.

Love is focused on God’s glory. 

Love does not run from fear but overcomes fear.

Love means being vulnerable.

Love does not demand praise.

Love is quiet.

Love gives.

Love honors.

Love is content.

If you believe you are always unfairly treated, if you believe that you are not respected enough, you are not engaging in the Spirit’s love. You seek your own good at the expense of others. You make life about you.  When your mind is filled with feelings of injustice and disrespect, you lose the objectivity to love. 

When you lose the objectivity to love, you open the door to anger.

Anger is selfish and demanding.

Anger remembers the last offense and despises the good.

Anger’s voice speaks harsh, degrading, damaging words.

Anger is obsessed with personal glory. 

Anger thrives on projecting fear.

Anger is terrified of being vulnerable.

Anger demands praise.

Anger is loud, brazen, sullen.

Anger takes.

Anger dishonors.

Anger is a servant of lust, it is never content.

Love or anger?

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