Need a last minute gift?

Need a last minute gift? ebooks to the rescue!

An ebook directly from Shepherd Press is not only a great book, but there is no easier way to give a great present!  You can send e-books you buy directly from us to others as a gift from you. This means no shipping costs and no gift wrapping. It is as easy as sending an email!

Here is our Share with Integrity policy:

Shepherd Press has made it easy for you to give ebooks that you buy directly from us to others; simply email the ebook to anyone you wish! All we ask is that you purchase an ebook license for each ebook you distribute. We are delighted to extend our trust to you in this manner.

Say you want to give one of our ebooks to five family members or friends. Just pay the ebook price at checkout times five and then email out the link to your recipients. That is about as easy as it gets.

Merry Christmas from Shepherd Press!

Just click here to go to our ebook page.

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