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Interview with Dr. Charles Hodges

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Charles Hodges about his forthcoming book, Good Mood, Bad Mood. The book will be available from Shepherd Press. This is book is an informative and compassionate assessment of the many facets of mood,depression and sadness that tend to define modern life. Dr. Hodges looks at these issues from the heart of a physician and counselor. He wants to help. He wants to find answers. This interview will give you a glimpse of what he found as he considered these things. You can listen to the interview at the link below. The interview was broadcast on True Worldview Cafe which is sponsored by Shepherd Press.    

What Do You Deserve?

The news is filled with outrage about bonuses paid to employees of the government-bailed -out insurance giant AIG. Every day we hear cries of unfairness, greed and shock. Even the President has said that he is stunned by these bonuses. We seem to be caught in an unending series of outrageous events. Have you noticed the underlying conviction that is driving the outrage? This conviction has to do with fairness and what we deserve. We don’t deserve to have out of control spending and increased taxes. We don’t deserve to have business executives who are greedy. We don’t deserve to have government leaders who are incompetent. We don’t deserve to have a bad economy and its resulting complications. And the […]

On the Radio

This Monday, February 2nd, I have the privilege of doing a live radio interview with Rick Horne, author of Get Outta My Face. You can listen live on the Internet at 1 pm, at this location: Just click on the listen button. It is a call-in program, so call 1-888-660-9535 if you would like to join in. I would love to hear from you. This book is a needed and helpful addition to the field of dealing with teenagers. Sadly, too many Christian families are plagued by intense and disturbing relations between parents and their teenage children. Rick Horne takes these issues head on and offers targeted help from the rich resources of biblical wisdom literature. Here is an […]

Monologues and Teenagers – Part 2

In this series of posts we are looking at the communication breakdowns that often occur between parents and teenagers. What once appeared to be a good relationship with lots of interaction can deteriorate to silent, disinterested teens enduring parental monologues. After such an encounter, more than one parent has turned away, asking with an aching heart, why is this happening? In the last post we looked at the command in Proverbs 18:15 to be aggressive listeners. This listening is not just for current exchanges, but includes remembering the conversations of the past. When did the conversations start to drift towards the monologues that typify current communication with your teenagers? Try to remember events from your child’s perspective. It is important […]