Don’t Make Me Count to Three

Author: Ginger Hubbard
Paperback, 144 pages
ISBN 9780972304641

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About the book

Do you find yourself threatening, repeating your instructions, or raising your voice in an attempt to get your children to obey? Are you discouraged because it seems you just can’t reach the heart of your child? Through personal experience and the practical application of Scripture, Ginger Hubbard encourages and equips moms to reach past the outward behavior of their children and dive deeply into the issues of the heart. Ginger’s candid approach will help moms move beyond the frustrations of not knowing how to handle issues of disobedience and into a confident, well-balanced approach to raising their children.

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“Moms of America, this is the book you’ve been looking for. Ginger Hubbard is fresh, funny, and full of wisdom. Her advice is overflowing with God’s instruction and grace. Rarely have I read a parenting book that gives both inspirational and practical advice all wrapped up in a package you’ll look forward to unwrapping over and over again. I recommend this book highly!”
—Lysa Terkeurst, President, Proverbs 31 Ministries

“This book is properly aligned. It makes the focus of discipline the heart and unpacks how to use the Scriptures for both encouragement and reproof. Parenting books tend to be heavy on ideas and strategies for managing our children but light on biblical foundations. Don’t Make Me Count to Three weaves together solid biblical truth and practical parenting advice. This bears reading and rereading.”
Tedd Tripp, pastor, author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart

About the book

Ginger Hubbard, founder of Preparing the Way Ministries, is the author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three! and Wise Words for Moms. She is a contributing author to several books and many magazines. She has been interviewed on television and radio shows, including The 700 Club, The Harvest Show, Primary Focus, Family Life Today, Revive our Hearts and Focus on the Family. While Ginger enjoys reading, writing and spending time on Lake Martin with her husband Ronnie, her primary passion in life is to glorify God. Ginger is a veteran home schooling mom of two fabulous children, and stepmom to two much adored sons.


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