Help! I Want to Hide (LifeLine for Teens)

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Author: Sue Nicewander Delaney
Booklet, 48 pages
ISBN 9781633423367

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About the book

Shame is a very common human emotion, but it’s so unpleasant that we would do just about anything to avoid it. We want to hide, and sometimes we do. You may be surprised to learn that you are not helpless when shame confronts you, but to face it effectively, you need to identify its source and the biblical way to respond. This mini-book will help you to clarify two kinds of shame, and how you may be better able to respond wisely, as God intends.

About the author

Sue Nicewander Delaney is a longstanding ACBC certified biblical counselor, author, trainer, and mentor who knows what it is to suffer shame and find God’s mercies. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Darren, sharing the blessings of four children and nine grandchildren. They serve as members of Calvary Baptist Church in Wisconsin Rapids.

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