Help! I’m Lonely (LifeLine for Teens)

Author: Matt Collier
Booklet, 48 pages
ISBN 9781633423176

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About the book

In spite of being surrounded by people and continual access to social media, many teens like you feel lonelier than ever. Thankfully, God’s Word speaks into your loneliness. Jesus suffered the ultimate loneliness so that you can experience the genuine belonging you crave so deeply. It turns out that your feelings of loneliness are actually an invitation from God Himself. Your journey of belonging awaits.

About the author

Matt Collier has served since in various capacities related to youth ministry, including youth pastor, senior pastor, President of The Wilds Christian Association, and Director of CampsAbroad, an international organization that helps local churches reach teenagers through Christian camping. He and his wife, Kelly, have three children and live in Brevard, North Carolina.

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