Help! Someone I Love Has Been Abused

Author: Jim Newheiser
Booklet, 64 pages
ISBN 9781633420069

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About the book

Sadly, many people are the silent victims of abuse. Jim Newheiser brings biblical perspective and wisdom to bear on such situations.

Abuse is a growing problem, and those who have been abused need help. This mini-book equips the reader to offer compassionate biblical counsel to a victim of abuse. As well as providing practical instruction on how to help the victim gain safety and deal with the abuser in a biblical way, it points to the victory possible in Jesus Christ, who was abused for his people and who has compassion on all hurting people who turn to him.

Intended Readership:

  • Friends of people in a relationship of abuse
  • People in a relationship of abuse
  • Marriage counselors
  • General counselors
  • Pastors and church ministry teams


  • Introduction
  • What Is Abuse?
  • A Biblical Understanding of Abuse
  • Helping the Victim of Abuse
  • How Victims Can Become Overcomers
  • Conclusion
  • Personal Application Projects
  • Where Can I Get Further Help?


It’s easy to see areas that need changing in our lives and, as Christians, we long for change that will glorify God. But, how is change accomplished? In this helpful booklet, Jim Newheiser reminds us that change begins and is sustained by the power of Christ through the gospel and that through that same gospel we are enabled to respond. I highly recommend it!
—Elyse Fitzpatrick

About the author

Jim Newheiser, DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary, California, has served in pastoral ministry and has practiced biblical counseling for over thirty years. He is the Director of the Christian Counseling Program at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte and the Executive Director of IBCD. He is an ACBC Fellow and board member.

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