Help! Someone I Love Is a Hoarder

Author: Todd M. Sorrell
Booklet, 64 pages
ISBN 9781633422858

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About the book

A life pattern of hoarding can lead to hopelessness, isolation, and confusion—yet our society offers no cure. Labeling it mental illness or OCD leaves hoarders and their loved ones without hope. Thankfully, God’s Word identifies the root cause and shows there is a way out. This mini-book explores what God says about hoarding behavior, and offers practical guidance and sample plans for family members or counselors who seek to help their loved ones change.

About the author

Todd M. Sorrell is a biblical counselor, attorney, adjunct processor, businessman, and author of The College Choice: A Biblical Guide for Students and Parents and Journey to the Bending Light. Todd is married to Celia, and they have raised three children, Alexis, Ethan, and Chloe.

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