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Author: Margy Tripp
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ISBN 9781633422414

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About the book

Restoring Broken Relationships with Teenage and Adult Children

It’s Not Too Late identifies the most common reason for broken parent/child relationships and brings gospel hope and direction to weary, bewildered parents.

There is more than one explanation for broken relationships between parents and children. Sometimes the most diligent and careful parenting cannot curb the rebellious bent of a child’s heart. But the most common reason for broken relationships between parents and children may surprise you. It’s Not Too Late uses the principles from the Scriptures to identify possible reasons for relationship meltdown, to suggest necessary spiritual preparation for reconciliation, and to model practical biblical dialog for approaching teens and adult children.

About the author

Margy Tripp was a pastor’s kid in the 1950s and 60s. She and Tedd were married in 1968. She served as a mom and pastor’s wife for thirty years after Tedd entered the ministry in 1983. Church and Christian schooling afforded her scores of opportunities for counseling and developing materials and studies for children, ladies, and educators. In recent years, traveling with Shepherding the Heart Ministries, conducting Bible studies, counseling, writing, and speaking have consumed much of her time. She and Tedd have two sons and a daughter and daughters-in-law they regard as their own children. They are blessed with nine grandchildren.

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