Longing for Home ePub ebook

Author: J. Stephen Yuille
ePub ebook
ISBN 9781633420984

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About the book

As Christians, we’re on a journey fraught with joys and sorrows, pleasant valleys and perilous mountains, encouraging gains and crippling losses. Whenever we feel besieged on our journey, we tend to turn to whatever we think can help us – and in doing so, often lose sight of our destination.

In Longing for Home, Stephen Yuille directs our attention to the help God has given us in the Psalms of Ascent. In this collection of Psalms 120-134, we walk with our brothers and sisters through life’s many ups and downs on our way to Zion, the city of God. The Psalms guide us into the path of God-glorifying desires, God-magnifying emotions, and God-honoring thoughts. They shape our perspectives, equip us to pray in faith, regulate our feelings, inform our judgments and beckon us to fix our eyes heavenward as we journey homeward.

About the author

Originally from Markham, Ontario, Stephen Yuille now resides in Glen Rose, Texas, with his wife Alison and their two daughters. He is the Preaching Pastor at Grace Community Church, and an Adjunct Professor at Redeemer Theological Seminary in Dallas. He is also the author of A Hope Deferred: Adoption and the Fatherhood of God.

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