Noah: A Journal of Praise

Author: Nancy Ganz
Color illustrations by Matthew Sample II
Paperback, 48 pages
ISBN 9781633421103

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The story of Noah, like so many stories in the Old Testament, only gives us hints of its epic proportions: God speaking to man and warning of a coming disaster, an ark the size of three football fields, every kind of animal in the world coming to the ark, and at last a flood covering the whole earth. We get glimpses of how big this story is, yet it can be challenging to understand its depth. This imaginative book takes a look at what Noah’s experience in the ark would have been like, helping us explore the many facets of God’s mercy to Noah, his family, and mankind.

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Noah: A Journal of Praise is a beautifully illustrated book with thought-provoking reflections on what it means to receive mercy in the storm. Noah had to struggle to trust an unseen God, and so will your children. This book is a great way to talk to them about it.
~ Jeremy Pierre, Ph.D., Dean of Students, Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

About the author

Nancy Ganz has spent the last twenty years in her native land of Canada, helping her husband, Dr. Richard Ganz, in church-planting work and home-schooling their four daughters. She received her formal theological training from the University of Toronto prior to her conversion to Christ at L’Abri in the Netherlands. However, it has been the many years of Bible study since that time which has produced here Herein is Love commentaries on the Old Testament. Currently, most of her time is spent studying the Scriptures, writing various books, and taking long walks along the country roads and woodland paths near her home.


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