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Power Perfected in Weakness ePub ebook.

Author: Christopher J. Klicka
ePub ebook
ISBN 9781936908349

“The message in this book is simple: God can sustain you through anything.” Chris Klicka illustrates this truth in this personal journal that he kept during the final years of his life, detailing how the Lord showed His grace as Chris lived with the increasing debilitation of multiple sclerosis. In Power Perfected In Weakness, Chris challeges us to be bold in sharing the Gospel, and he points us to the Lord as the source of all our strength and satisfaction.

Power Perfected in Weakness is the story of one man’s suffering through the final battle from this life to life in the presence of God. While Chris Klicka, the author, was a friend and a man whom I respected and loved, the value of this book is not the story of Chris Klicka. It is the story of how suffering is the Refiner’s fire that burns off the dross and brings forth the fine gold of Christ in the believer’s life. The book will teach you about how to suffer and how Christ’s power is perfected in weakness. —Tedd Tripp

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