Seven Key Principles for Effective Ministry ePub ebook

Author: David A. Harrell
ePub ebook
ISBN 9781633421318

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About the book

Seven Key Principles for Effective Ministry exhorts and encourages Christian ministers and leaders to be committed to the principled model for successful ministry that God has established through the teaching of the New Testament.

Many people today think the most effective means to reach this postmodern world for Christ is for the church to become more attractive and relevant to the culture. It must reinvent itself, adjust its gospel message, be less dogmatic, more therapeutic, tolerant, and entertaining. It must pander to the culture, take up its social causes, even conform to it—but never oppose it. Yet such a position is totally foreign to Scripture and therefore mitigates the power and blessing of God. With clarity and conviction, Dave Harrell guides readers through the priorities of a biblically focused ministry paradigm—a paradigm that transcends the vagaries of modern culture—that may be applied with confidence by ministers and Christian leaders alike.


  • Appreciations
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Consumed with God’s Glory
  • Chapter 2: Content with His Suffering
  • Chapter 3: Convinced of His Calling
  • Chapter 4: Controlled by One Message
  • Chapter 5: Confident with One Method
  • Chapter 6: Committed to One End
  • Chapter 7: Confirmed by One Power

Reading Audience:

  • Pastors and elders
  • Individuals who wish to understand and apply biblical ministry paradigms
  • Evangelical seminary professors and students
  • Anyone concerned for the growth of biblical Christianity today


Dave Harrell outlines with unusual clarity the essential features of authentic church ministry… Prepare to be instructed, encouraged, and powerfully motivated.
—John MacArthur, Grace Community Church; The Master’s University and Seminary

This helpful work succinctly summarizes the essential principles of authentic biblical ministry. It is an excellent corrective to the trends that have left so many postmodern evangelical churches spiritually weak and ineffectual.
—Phil Johnson, Grace to You

Consider the chapters of this book as seven roots that must sink very deeply if you are to bear God-glorifying fruit in and through the church in a culture that has gone adrift from the moorings of its Creator.
—Conrad Mbewe, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia

It is refreshing to have such a clear, direct, and powerful book. You will want to pick it up yearly, just to remind you of the ministry essentials and to encourage you to stay on track. As you read this book, you will feel like you are being mentored at the feet of an older, wise pastor.
—Shannon Hurley, Sufficiency of Scripture Ministries, Uganda

About the author

David Harrell is currently the senior pastor-teacher of Calvary Bible Church where he has served since 1994. After attending the Moody Bible Institute, he graduated from Grace College, Grace Theological Seminary, and the Omega (formerly Oxford) Graduate School where he earned the Doctor of Philosophy degree in the Integration of Religion and Society. He is a former Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling at the Master’s University, Santa Clarita, California, and founder of Shepherd’s Fire, the mass communication arm of his ministry. He and his wife, Nancy, have three children and seven grandchildren.


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